Pregnancy massage at the Paintworks


Laura Morris is a sports and therapeutic massage therapist at the Bristol Back Pain Clinic who offers soft tissue therapy to help relieve the physical strains, tension and fatigue that can occur when you're pregnant.

Soft tissue therapy is ideal during pregnancy and great for new mums, as it can also help with post-partum healing. Soft tissue therapy:

- Provides relaxation, recuperation and rejuvenation
- Relaxes, releases and relieves physical and emotional anxiety
- Eases and soothes aching muscles
- Rebalances the body's natural rhythms
- Promotes a sense of wellbeing

Laura's interest in helping people was sparked after the birth of her first child and her offering is not limited to just massage therapy. She also teaches antenatal yoga for mums-to-be; runs postnatal yoga classes for mothers and babies; and is a doula and life coach.

Laura likes to draw from all her disciplines and experience when treating clients to help them lead happy, healthy, balanced lives, and particularly enjoys treating mums and mums-to-be.

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