CoreSlim - Professional Slimming and Fitness

Bristol wide

Slimming and fitness class for like-minded people who want to lose weight safely, keep it off and get fit. First class FREE!

If you are stuck in a rut with your weight or want to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, this is the class for you. CoreSlim is NOT a 'dieting' club and you will not be sold dieting products, glossy diet sheets or have to sit through lectures or a group weight exposé.

CoreSlim offers:

•A weekly aerobic workout for all abilities and confidential weight checks.

•Professional and personal one-to-one weight management support from a qualified specialist dietitian.

I am a State Registered Dietitian and Fitness Instructor and am an experienced, trained specialist in weight management. I have successfully helped many clients reach their personal goals over the last 8 years.

25% off until the end of January 2013 on selected packages.

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