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AmeriCarlos bakery and cafe


  • 137 High St, Farnborough Village, BR6 7AZ

  • 01689854966

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  • spinanne

    25-Apr-2013 Report

    A child friendly sandwich shop with a difference. The bread, in sandwiches, is made on the premises here, usually white and wholemeal with seeded breads at the weekends. Bread can be bought to take home. The shop is decorated with up-cycled furniture, with some very comfy chairs to sit in. There is a bookcase filled with adult and children's books. Also a variety of toddler toys to play with. There is baby changing facilities too. There is a variety of sandwich choices for adults and there is a children's sandwich menu. If you have a fussy eater, the staff will always accommodate. Great place to relax with friends knowing your children will find something to entertain themselves. Children's tea parties? ask for Tina and she will come up with a great party - My 8year old dd had a party there, they made bread, decorated cupcakes and ate sandwiches and drank juice from teapots.

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