Popstar Parties at Online Studios


Our Children's Popstar Parties are an ideal choice for celebrating birthdays, or if you want to create an extra special day as a treat. The fun takes place in a professional recording studio, (as seen on TV's Britain's Got Talent) where the children get to perform and record their favourite songs together.
Whilst the CD's are being created there's time for the children to listen to their finished masterpiece, and for you to present a birthday cake or give out goody bags to your little Superstars.
• Groups sizes of 5 or 10 participants.
• Suitable for age 7 upwards or even big kids.
• Unique CD with group photo for each child.
• Huge backing track song library.
• Free Refreshments provided!
We also offer fun recording experience packages & gift certificates for individuals (1 or 2 participants) from only £45, these include Vocal Recording, DJ'ing & Hip Hop & Rap Vocal Sessions

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