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Bach Flower Blends are effective natural liquid drops that support people mentally and emotionally when going through lifes challenges.

I have developed blends specifically for

Busy mums
Baby blues
Childrens issues eg tantrums, bullying, divorce of parents
Teenage issues
Mood swings,
Stress and Anxiety
Weight loss
Bereavement and many others.

These safe, non-addictive liquid drops are similar to the popular Rescue Remedy (in the yellow packaging) that you may have seen in Boot chemists. That's a blend of 5 flowers, but there are actually 38 different flower essences (each with its own distinct properties eg comfort, motivation,endurance, tolerance) and using these I tailor a remedy to a persons personality, issues and current feelings and have had amazing results. Id be delighted to send you one of the above or tailor a remedy to your exact needs and can offer email or phone consultations.

I have many testimonials from people finding huge relief from they use my remedies. I look forward to discussing your needs and helping you too.

Sophia McEwen

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