Splatter Make


Planning a Birthday Party? We have a knack and a growing reputation for organising successful and memorable themed parties for children of all ages, including grown-ups. We'll ensure that your children and their friends, or you and your guests, have a fantastic fun-filled time but also learn something that can be put to good use in the future. Whether it's a tots' dream playtime, Mad Hatters' party hat decorating, fantastic fairy cakes, international cuisine cookery, going potty over pottery or plumping for pamper products, we can make it happen for birthdays, stag dos, hen nights or other celebrations. So sit back and let us take care of everything from the activities to the food.

Remember, Splatter Make specialises in creativity, so the possibilities are almost endless. Why not give us a call to pick our brains or discuss your requirements?

Our parties include:

Cooking, Fairy Cake Decorating, Jungle, Learn to use a sewing machine
Let's Play Party, Mad Hatter's Party
Mighty Cooking Party
Pottery Painting Party
T-Shirt Design Party
Themed Party
Toy Picnic Party

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