Moving and grooving, or stuck in the mud?


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Bucks County Museum University Series

Each event will be delivered by a leading academic in their field and there will be an interval glass of wine or refreshment to give participants time to enjoy the evening and meet like-minded people.

Dr Mandy Jay, University of Durham, Beaker Peoples Project

Moving and grooving, or stuck in the mud? Skeletal isotopes, migration and the Beaker People project

Media attention in recent years has highlighted mobile individuals who travelled long distances 4000 years ago. These include the ‘Amesbury Archer' and the ‘Amber Boy', both buried with valuable grave goods in Wiltshire. Using research which is based on the isotopic analysis of skeletal remains, the ‘Archer' has been suggested as originating in the Alps and the ‘Boy' in the Mediterranean region.

This talk will discuss how this type of research is used in archaeology, covering the identification of individuals with mobile lifestyles and the possibility of group migration. The flaws in the media presentation of the results will be discussed and the Beaker People project, which has looked at over 350 early Bronze Age burials from across Britain, will be used as an exemplar.

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