Kick Start Fat Loss Club in Marlow


Kick Start Fat Loss is a lifestyle that's simple to adopt,has numerous benefits, & gets consistent, sustainable results! The primary goal of KSFL is to educate & empower our clients with the latest updates and research about fat loss, nutrition & exercise so that they can achieve optimum well being through improving nutrition, health & fitness.KSFL consists of a Weekly Club Session which includes a weekly optional weigh in (done discreetly), a 15 minute nutrition talk &30 minute HIIT workouts. There are online workouts, support, recipe & meal planner ideas, access to the closed facebook group for KSFL in your area, access to the members part of main KSFL website, & you get a goody bag & manual too! Focusing on the 4 Phases of Fatloss, KSFL is the way forward for 21st Century Diet & Fitness Clubs with fully trained & qualified leaders who are also on the KSFL journey with you.

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