Children's Therapy


Help children see their world from another angle, see possibilities for change, learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and raise their self-belief. I can show children, using art and play therapy plus some NLP techniques and mindfulness, how to make small changes that will make a big differences in their lives.
August is a great month to do this, away from the pressures of school and other commitments and when they are fresh, not tired.
I suggest 3 or 4 sessions is ideal, the first one being an hour and a half, after that they are one hour.
Older children may prefer to work together on Skype or Whatsapp but face to face tends to work best, at least initially.
I've been doing this work for years with lots of happy clients and if you prefer, you can work through some basic NLP principles using my workbooks for children, tweens and teens.

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