Candle-making parties for adults


Introduction to candles and the many different types available on the market today. You'll never look at a candle the same way again! After that hens learn three candle-making techniques: container, pillar and rolled candles. Container and pillar candles are made by melting two types of soy wax flakes in small electric melters and the beeswax candles are produced using coloured wax sheets and an overlay rolling technique.

How it works:
• Party run by a “Chandler” (professional candle-maker)
• Brief introduction to candle-making through the ages
• Overview of the different types of wax, wicks, dyes, fragrances and candles
• Demonstration of three different candle-making techniques
• Using individual melters, each lady melts her own wax, adds dyes and fragrance oils and wicks
• Create three different types of candle: container, pillar and rolled beeswax (using two coloured sheets); any colour in the rainbow
• Candles are finished with beautiful packaging and decorations and each person takes home her candle creations – plus a user guide so she can make more candles at home

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