Real Me Plan - Weight Loss & Exercise

High Wycombe

A new way to lose weight and get fit... the right way. Lose weight safely, exercise effectively, no more fads!

Our interactive sessions will get you quickly on the weight loss path. They will also help keep you on it by teaching you what you should be eating, understand how much you should be eating and realise exactly why you should be eating it.

Calorie busting workouts, designed and led by our experienced personal trainer, sessions that everyone will enjoy. Learn what exercises will work for you, but also how to do them safely and with maximum impact in your own home.

We don't believe in packets and sachets, shakes and bars, or unsustainable crash diets. Nor do we use or promote complicated exercise routines that are hard to learn and easily forgotten. We think real life simply doesn't work like that.

Classes take place on Thursdays at 7.30pm. Places are limited, so please visit our website for further information and client testimonials, or contact us to book your place.

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