Little Bundles


Little Bundles aims to meet the needs of those finding themselves in difficult circumstances when they are expecting or caring for a baby. Providing essential items such as cots, prams, high-chairs and baby clothes.

Many expectant mums will have anxiously looked at the list of things needed for a new baby – the moses basket, pram, bouncy chair, cot, pram clothes etc etc… Maybe you were lucky and able to borrow from friends and family, or financially able to enjoy a big shopping trip. Imagine though if you were a young mum having a baby before your peers or find yourself having a baby in a crisis such as homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or in financial hardship.

But the great thing is we know there are also lots of families who would love to find a good home for their recycled baby gear, there just needed to be a way to make this possible.

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