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If you struggle with living a happy and satisfying life - depression, stress and anxiety are meaningful for you then this is the Programme for you!
I am a Thrive Programme consultant. The Thrive Programme is a 6 weeks course of applied psychology training which teaches you the life skills you need to manage your thinking - what and how we think has a huge impact on our emotions and resilience in life.
The Thrive Programme is proven, effective and empowering. It is unique in its approach. It is simple to understand and get to grips with. My role is to guide you through the programme ensuring you achieve the most out of it and live your life, not just surviving but Thriving!
The Thrive Programme is the last solution you will ever need.

I am also a specialist in Eating Disorders, I am a qualified Master Practitioner from the National Centre for Eating Disorders.
I can add in Nutritional work to the Programme to ensure you have the tools to create optimum health for optimum happiness and success.

I offer a free taster session so just give me a call.

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