Cohousing opportunity Family houses available


  • £400 - £500k

  • 19-May-2016

We are a group of households (currently consisting of 40 adults and 10 children) that have recently gained planning permission to build Cambridge's first cohousing community; with support from Cambridge City Council, our developer partner ‘TOWNhus' and our professional advisor ‘Instinctively Green'. Forty two customisable properties will be built ranging in size from 1 bedroom apartments to 5 bedroom houses in a design that promotes sustainable living and community cohesion.
Cohousing means that the community is central to the design, both of the site as a whole and of the individual homes. We will have a common house where we can share meals, get our post, watch films, have parties or just get together and chat. We'll have communal gardens where there will be space for residents to relax, children to run, food to be grown, games to be played, and gardeners to get creative.
The estimated completion date is Autumn 2017.
Please see our website for further details