NCT Early Days Course


NCT Early Days postnatal courses are for parents with babies up to 6 months, but usually younger. These are facilitated by an NCT postnatal leader. The group will usually meet over several sessions and are a forum for you to talk about how you are finding early parenthood.
Subjects covered may include:
• Your birth
• Your feeding experiences
• Meeting your baby's demands
• Lack of time for anything
• Tiredness
• Your body
• Dealing with all the advice and information you receive as a parent
• Your relationships
• Your worries
• Your expectations of motherhood
The topics discussed will be chosen by the group in the first week, so each course is tailored to the mums attending. NCT does not aim to teach you about how to care for your baby. The postnatal leader's role is to facilitate your group, to enable you to share experiences of birth and parenthood in a safe environment.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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