Alevere Cambridge

Cambridge outskirts

Alevere Cambridge is a private doctor led clinic specialising in non-surgical weight reduction and body contouring treatment programmes tailored to the needs of individuals.

Alevere Therapy delivers effective weight loss and skin firming through a combination of a medically formulated diet plan and body treatments to break down stubborn fat cells and provide skin tightening. Patients have individual treatment plans created for them following consultation with our doctor. Patients are medically monitored throughout the programme.

For patients who do not have significant amounts of weight to lose but have stubborn localised fat deposits and are unhappy with their body shape we provide ultrasound Body Contouring to address these areas using the latest ultrasound technology.

If your skin is making you appear older than you feel the Endermolift natural anti-ageing facials can reduce the visible symptoms of ageing by firming the skin, reducing wrinkles and improving your complexion. This also forms the ideal complement to any weight loss programme where the weight loss is noticeable in your face with saggy skin and increased wrinkles.

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