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Carpet Cleaning W4 Ltd.


Carpets can hold all sorts of unseen dirt and bacteria that cannot be removed by
standard vacuuming. That is why we offer an affordable carpet cleaning package that is
perfect for households in Chiswick, W4. With market-leading equipment and expert carpet
cleaners, we can clean your carpets from the bottom-up.So if you want to empty your
cupboards and clean everything from top-to-bottom, why don't you leave it to the
experts! Our domestic cleaners have an incredible attention to detail and will leave no
speck of dust unturned. Our team can even offer specialist intensive treatments for
your carpets and upholstery, leaving your Chiswick home incredibly clean!Contact us:
020 3743 0494 or http://carpetcleaningw4.co.uk

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  • FredaLynch

    15-Jan-2016 Report

    Ever since I moved into my house a few years ago there have been stains in a couple of rooms. They were never a major problem but they did annoy me. I had tried to remove them myself but to no avail. I finally decided enough was enough and hired Carpet Cleaning W4 Ltd. to take care of everything. Their cleaner was able to remove the stains without problems, doing something I could have never done myself.

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