Antenatal ACTIVE BIRTH classes


Active Birth Preparation weekend workshop
16th - 17th January 2016

This 2-day experiential course is packed with information and practical exercises, leaving you with a positive mindset, feeling of confidence and trust in what your magnificent body can do.

Active Birth Preparation weekend workshop topics:
• Benefits of active birth
• Anatomy of the baby's passage by stage
• Understanding your body & emotions during labour and birth
• Creating an optimal birthing environment
• Labouring & birthing positions
• Pain perception and options for its management
• Birth, bonding & the placenta
• How to be a confident and helpful birth partner
• Trusting your body, awakening your instincts and reducing the likelihood of intervention
• Making well informed decisions and applying Active Birth principles in combination with medical support.
• Practical preparations for birth and beyond
• Feeding your baby

An active birth is one that uses movement, gravity and enhanced knowledge of the body's physiology to create the optimal experience for the new family during the birth process and beyond.

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