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Fantastic Pest Control

East London

Our company provides a pest control service in London deserving of its reputation. We've got all the right tools and we're just waiting for your call! From rats to bed bugs, there's nothing we can't or haven't beaten thousands of times before!

Our services:

- Rodents:

- Mice Control
- Rat Control
- Rodent Control
- Squirrel Control

- Crawling Pests:

- Bed Bug Control
- Flea Treatment
- Cockroach Control
- Ant Treatment
- Spider Control
- Silverfish Treatment
- Woodworm Treatment
- Dust Mites Control

- Flying Pests:

- Moth Control
- Wasp Control
- Bird Control
- Fumigation Services
- Fly Control
- Bee Control
- Carpet Beetle Treatment

Call us with your pest exterminator needs and will prove you why our pest control services are Fantastic!

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  • LenaRodriquez

    08-Apr-2016 Report

    I had a terrible case of dust mite allergy and needed a professional who could cope with the task efficiently. Frankly, I was really frightened about the little bugs, but the pest controller assured me there would be no problem. He explained everything he was doing and gave me instructions after the treatment was done. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication.

  • racheloliver10

    07-Jul-2015 Report

    I never thought pigeons could cause so much trouble. They looked to me like harmless little birds until I moved out to this new apartment. It probably was because of the location,but there were too many pigeons. It didn't make bother me at first, but then, they started to make so much noise I couldn't sleep. They wouldn't stop landing on my balcony making noises and leaving droppings everywhere. I didn't know what to do, since I hurting them was not an option. I've searched for pest control companies, but none of them would deal with birds. Gladly for me, Fantastic Pest Control has a bird control service. I called them immediately and they came the very next day to inspect the situation. The professionals placed some spikes and other obstacles to prevent them from nesting. They even gave me some advice on what to do if pigeons come back. Thank you for the great pest control service.

  • Brooke111

    22-Nov-2013 Report

    A day ago, I saw two rats in our garage. It is true that I have no time to clean it regularly, but still I was quite surprised. Today one exterminator came at home - around 7 in the morning. He was late with several minutes, but of course it was not such a big problem to us.
    The employee was helpful and I'm grateful a lot for his effort and hard work!
    I hope I won't see rats at our property soon.

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