Cellulite & Weight Loss massage treatments


Help with weight loss, cellulite & water retention for particular needs.
These special massage treatments are suitable for people of all ages & physical conditions.
Aromatherapy essential oils may be blended to further relieve the water retention and cellulite effects.
A special variety of aromatherapy laxative essential oil blends are very useful in easing the effects of constipation, especially with pre-menstrual & post-natal women with water retention or cellulite.
Various massage therapy treatments and myofascial soft tissue massage manipulations may suit those suffering with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), fatigue, bloating, mild nausea or indigestion, associated with both cellulite and water retention.
Hot Stones therapy is also very effective tonic in toning the blood, cleansing the lymphatic drainage system and as a general detoxifying detox agent.

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