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TinyTalk Baby Signing


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Learn a new skill and meet new friends at our fun and friendly classes.
We use well known songs, stories and sensory games to develop and enhance your babies early communication skills. Find out what they are thinking, needing and wanting. It will amaze you and there will be less tears of frustration!

Our classes are very sociable too. After our signing time, we provide toys and playtime for the little ones and refreshments for the grown ups.

Our multi layered activities look at different themes each week so there is plenty to engage curious young minds. You'll learn 150 signs for basic vocabulary that you can use during your daily routine with your baby. Don't worry if this sounds a bit overwhelming at first, all of the songs and signs are repeated frequently throughout the weeks to help you pick them up!
Not just for mums! Dads, grandparents and other carers all welcome to come with little ones.
Classes run in various locations. Get in touch for details.
Toddler classes (age 18m to pre-school) coming soon!

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • Aadams12

    19-Mar-2016 Report

    I have been taking Millie to Tiny Talk since she was 4 weeks old. At 8 1/2 months she has started signing not only does Tiny Talk provide a fun & educational environment for her, but also keeps my brain ticking over. With singing, music and sensory activities Tiny Talk truly is an all round group for both parents and babies. Thank you Claire x

  • Lucylocket34

    18-Mar-2016 Report

    Tiny talk is a great relaxed class which is perfect with two little ones. My 19month old is is signing all the time now and can do 65 signs after 6months of classes. My 8 month old is soaking it all up, she is recognising signs and is trying to sign herself. Thank you Claire for a great class, can't recommend enough, highlight of our week.

  • Becca1111

    18-Mar-2016 Report

    Tiny talk is a lovely group to go to and I really recommend it! Claire is really great - the children really engage with her and she is very friendly. It's excellent for developing a really useful skill to help your child communicate. The group is really welcoming and accepting - really recommend this group.👍🏻

  • Ellymai2

    18-Mar-2016 Report

    Tiny talk classes are fabulous. My daughter Elsie- Mae gets so excited when we arrive and engages throughout. She is learning new signs all the time and responds to a number of signs. So easy to learn in a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment. We have been attending classes since Elsie was 4 months and she signed milk by 5 months. We can communicate and relieve her frustrations so much quicker than if I was having to guess what she wants. Highly recommended. Elsie is even using her signs at nursery. Grandparents and siblings can get involved to. Amazing skill to learn that can be carried throughout a child's life.

  • NaomiGS

    18-Mar-2016 Report

    Fantastic class for little ones. It engages with them and enables early communication skills. Looking forward to when my boy can sign back!

  • Lillypodcrump

    17-Mar-2016 Report

    Tiny Talk is an amazing class which is different every week, Monty and I love it and he watches the signing so intently. At only 6 months he's a long way off understanding and signing back but every week I learn a few more signs I can use with him and I'm really looking forward to him making those first associations that lead to understanding.

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