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  • silviahm3

    06-Sep-2016 Report

    Hello Mums,

    My nanny/childcare is leaving London to return to Gloucester University. She's helped me over the past 4 months with my three boys and has been amazing and so helpful. She wasn't phased by the 3 boys (one with medical needs), the guinea pigs or the dog! I would love you to enable her to carry on earning whilst studying as well as allowing you the opportunity of having great childcare!

    Please call me to talk to me, if you would like to: 07973 419288 - My name is Silvia

    (I've added a picture of the two of us sharing a drink - in case you are wondering I'm the old bird on the right with the long hair, Amy's the young lass on the left with the flick eyeliner)

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