Drop a dress size


I am seeking ten people in Cheltenham/Cotswolds/Gloucester & surrounding areas,who seriously want to lose weight and shape up. You can easily drop a dress size in a month.

You will have a one to one consultation in Cheltenham, including a full body analysis, which will be assessed every 4 weeks. You have full support & guidance from your own wellness coach - that's me :-D - I will help you every step of the way. Herbalife have been establised for over thirty years, and are solidly recognised as the leading nutrition company in the world. Top athletes endorse Herbalife products.

I have lost a stone and 3.5" off my waist & have dropped two dress sizes. Claire lost 8lb in 2.5 weeks. Julie has lost two stone in 2.5 months. We are all losing weight, shaping up and have more energy.

Give me a call. Let's meet up for a coffee and a chat and get you started on the new you.

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