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BodyGen was established in 2014 within Northern Ireland's leading Sports Development Facility BodyLabNI
Founder Jennie Hales is a highly qualified professional who works full time in the field. Jennies proven track record has allowed her to maintain a position as a Weight Loss Consultant and Personal Trainer within the clinic and wider industry.

As a young teenager Jennie started to put on weight, by the time she was leaving school she was 12 stone! This came through a mix of poor food education, bad choices and not the most active lifestyle. Within 3 years Jennie reached a staggering 16 stone 7lb On seeing, a 'shocking' picture of herself, this became a life changing moment in her life and something had to be done!
This began with every ridiculous diet and weight loss pill available, causing her weight to go up and down like a yo yo the only thing left was the one she hated most, the GYM!! Reluctantly joining a local gym Jennie committed to working out 5 times a week watching her weight start to drop within as little as a few weeks, this encouraged her keep it up and within 2 years she had gone from a size 20 to a size 8 Jennie found a new craving and it wasn't for sugar….

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