HypnoBirthing - Calmer Easier Birth


HypnoBirthing® teaches simple self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth. Mums leave classes confident about their births. Dads leave classes knowing how they will help during the birth.

Courses are run by Helen Redfern who is a:
- Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
- Lecturer on Normality in Birth
- Licensed BabyCalm Teacher
- IAIM Baby Massage Instructor
- Mother of 2 HypnoBirthing babies.

Group and Private classes are offered across South London, North Surrey and North Kent.

The course fee includes:

- The full HypnoBirthing course.
- A copy of the UK HypnoBirthing® book and HypnoBirthing® CD
- A file of additional information that will help you to practice and prepare for birth
- Additional help that you may need between the end of classes and the birth of your baby.

If you would like to have an easier, calmer birth, contact Helen to book you course.

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