Halloween Fun

Mid Devon

Grab your hats, broomsticks, whiskers and pussycat tails and get ready for some spooky spellbinding adventures! Step onto the hotel porch where guests will be led through a doorway into the Creaky Hotel, lit by a large, flickering, cobweb-covered chandelier and surrounding candelabras. Walk through the rooms of this interactive spooky hotel where you will be guaranteed some spooktacular surprises. Each child visiting the park will receive a free pumpkin picked fresh from the Crealy fields. The Crealy team will be ready and waiting to make creative jack-o'-lanterns in the Animal Kingdom. Are you brave enough to take a trek into the spooky wilderness, come face to face with the mischievous Treehouse Trolls? A trick or treat is in store for guests of all ages but the question is, “do you dare to enter the Creepy treehouse to see what fate awaits”

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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