Melody Movement


Dear Parents and Children,

My name is Melody Bear, and I want to tell you all about the Melody Movement dancing class! I love learning to dance and I try very hard to get everything right!
When I’ve practised hopping, skipping, jumping, stretching, walking, bouncing, clapping, stamping, tiptoeing, galloping, swirling, balancing, curling and lots more, my teacher will give me a special sticker.

I collect the stickers towards my bronze, silver and gold melody movement medal, and later on when I’m a bit older, I can move on to the next class and take the real ballet exams like real dancers!

Why not come along and join my Melody Movement dancing class? It’s for girls & boys of 2 to 4 years old. Classes are held by a licensed Melody Movement teacher, who is also fully qualified and a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance, so you know you’re in good hands!

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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