A Great Massage in North Dorset


Get In-Touch: 077305 79177 for a NO HANDS® Massage in Gillingham and Shaftesbury.

From Noelia at IN TOUCH MASSAGE:

I use the NO HANDS® Massage approach to bodywork which is regarded as one of the most powerful therapeutic treatments available. It is known as the “Gentle Giant” of Massage.

I use my arms and my body weight rather than my hands for the deep strokes, leaving my hands free to provide the lighter strokes. As the surfaces of the arms are broader and softer, the touch envelops you and allows for deep, pleasant “melting” of tension.

Once the muscles relax, the body finds a new level of balance, spaciousness, freedom of movement and flow of energy. With all that and more the outcome is often a great sense of well being.

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Standard Price for 1 hour session: £40

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