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ExtraVert Garden Design

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I have set up on-line garden design company to make garden design more affordable and more user friendly. We measure your garden aerially and you use the site to tell us what you want in and from your garden. You get a free telephone consultation before we quote. We can do your whole garden, or just a border and you get a bespoke plan with all the information about how to plant the plants and how to look after them. The beauty is that we do the whole thing without visiting you so you don't have to make appointments or pay for site visits. Choosing the styles of garden, colours and features is really fun and will inspire you.

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  • InTouchMassage

    02-Oct-2013 Report

    The Extravert team is very committed to help and their website is easy to use.
    You enter your details and make a user account in their website.
    You choose the type of area you want to design, the style and your favourite plant colours and when you are ready they take a satellite photo of your garden to make your design.

    You are in control of what you like and when you are ready they send you a quote.
    Their system is easy and non intrusive so it is worth checking it out and see if it is for you.

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