Messy Church - "David & Goliath"


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David was a small boy from an unimportant family in Israel. And he faced the biggest giant warrior in the land - Goliath! But David wasn't scared of the big bully, he killed his fears along with Goliath. What are we scared of, and can we be as courageous as David when we face our fears?

Messy Church is a place for families to have fun together. Parents and children play together making crafts, painting, enjoying songs and stories from the Bible, and sharing tea and sandwiches afterwards for supper.

Opening Hours: Runs from 4-6 pm, Sun 17th February. Anyone can come as long as they bring a child! Parents, grandparents, carers, single parents. There's no charge - children of all ages are welcome! The church is on the corner of Bargates and Beaconsfield Road, near the main town roundabout and the Blockbuster video store. Please park in the public car parks nearby.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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