Recipe For A Stress Free Life - 7th February

Brierley Hill

Recipe For A Stress Free Life is the third from a series of six session programme, Recipe for Success - from the inside out.
Sunday 7th February 2016
Fed up of feeling tired and irritable but you don't really know why you are feeling like this? This session is to help you start to recognise your symptoms of stress and anxiety so that you are in a better position to be able to manage them. Cath will begin to show you a small selection, but highly effective, stress management techniques that are easy and quick to use. With these techniques you will be able to use where ever you are in the world so that you can enjoy life and manage those difficult times with confidence.
During this session we will be looking out how our emotions affect our lives and how using essential oils can help us to balance our emotions more effectively and take control of our lives. Dawn will also be sharing with you how simple it is to make your own lotions and potions with essential oils for health and wellness, and you will have the opportunity to make and take your own essential oil hand and body lotion.
Cath and Dawn are really excited about working with you to create a great 2016 for only £40.

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