Christmas at Tata

Dundee Centre

Xmas - Jingle your bells at Taza!

Our xmas party nights are fantastic, so good in fact that they're getting snapped up fast. Taza provides the perfect place for xmas parties because your food, drinks and entertainment are all in one place without the hassle of walking from venue to venue in sub zero temperatures.

Taza offers you a Christmas Dinner like no other.

Don't like sprouts? Don't put them in your plate then. Love Steak Pie more than Turkey? Put loads in your plate then!

You can enjoy a little of the things you like a little, and enjoy a lot of the things you like a lot. If you've ordered a Chicken Maryland but wouldn't mind a bit of masala before or after it, then help yourself to the Indian selection too.

It's your choice, you decide, that's why the Taza buffet is the best way to enjoy your Christmas Day meal.

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