Family Resource Network Darlington


The Family Resource Network Darlington, or FReND for short, is a not-for-profit organisation set up in Darlington by a group of concerned parents following the announcement of an austere budget by the local council which will see the decimation of family and children's services in the town.
• We are not happy to lie down and let this happen!
The team behind FReND will operate to replace and wherever possible to improve on the services and support available to families in the area.
• We intend on operating a fully inclusive service where all families will be welcome.
• We consider that all the services offered by Sure Start Children's centres are essential.
As a group we have decided that we want to take a pro-active stance for Darlington, and rather than spend valuable time fighting for funds that do not exist, we are going to do what we can to replace the lost services.
So, over the next few months you will see us raising money to pay for the services we as a community need and applying for grants to help us start these services. Please come to our Facebook page to like and share and keep up to date on our progress.
Twitter @FReNDarlington

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