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However, I am lucky to work with almost the same people that we started back in 2007.! Now, I admit they are better professionals than me as they are faster and more skillful. It is very important to me all the members of our team to visit annually educational and practice classes which are organized in the London area. This is a significant part of our work, since the technologies are developing with the speed of light! We need to be up-to-date if we want to keep our faithful customers and if we want to have new as well! You have no clue what kinds of new cleaning products are being developed now ā€“ cleaning solutions which if used correctly are able to remove all the stains from the carpet ā€“ including rust and mould! At the time when my job was to be a cleaner, we couldn't overcome those stainsā€“ the carpet looked better after the cleaning procedure but you still could see the stains on it. And now we are able to to overcome even a problem like a spilt can of paint on the beautiful carpet, left to stay for weeks without any effort to clean it!
Carpet Cleaning Greenford Ltd: 409 Greenford Rd, UB6 8RF, London
Telephone: 020 2671 3935

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