Ealing Woodcraft - cooperative youth groups

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The Woodcraft Folk was founded in 1925 as part of the movement to enjoy healthier leisure time in the countryside. Camping and hiking were the answer mixed with a move to equality, cooperation and the dream of a better world for all. The Coop assisted with funds in the past. Conditions have changed, but with the dominance of electronic devices and concerns over children playing outdoors, escaping to the countryside is just as important today as it was 90 years ago.
The local Woodcraft Folk is entirely run by volunteers, some of them parents, others have grown up as members. We have groups for the following ages which meet weekly during term time:
• Elfins (6-9 years)
• Pioneers (10-12 years)
• Venturers (13-15 years)
• District Fellows (16-20 years)
We have groups in Hanwell (Monday), White City (Wednesday) and South Ealing (Friday). Group nights run for just over an hour and activities include non-competitive games, craft, discussions, learning about the environment and much more. We charge £3 per session. In the summer we hold 4 weekend camps and a week's camp in the school holidays.

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