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Pines & Needles Christmas Tree Pop Up Shop

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ines and Needles was founded back in 1995 and growing trees for each Christmas season has become an occasion in itself. The look and smell of a Christmas tree is an unforgettable experience worth indulging in wherever you are. Let our trees spark your imagination!

The beautiful churchyard of Christ the Saviour will again play host to a massive display of open trees for you to choose from this winter. On Ealing Broadway close to all the main shops why not come in and pick your tree for delivery the same day?

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  • LocalEditorEaling

    29-Dec-2015 Report

    Pines and Needles very kindly sent us a tree to review. Our majestic 6ft Nordmann arrived on 5th December, along with a stand, Christmas 30m lights and a mini-tree for the kids' room!

    Our tree came by courier as their special delivery service does not cover our postcode (only W3, W5, W7 and W13) so we did not get to meet their team in the festive attire - Santa hats and kilts apparently!

    The tree is non-drop and very soft to touch so it's perfect for the little ones. It has been over 3 weeks since we received this beauty and she has hardly lost any needles and still looks very grand. The stand has quite high water capacity so we filled it once in the beginning and only had to top up a couple of times.

    The tree did come with a couple of broken branches but it didn't bother us. I am sure they would have gladly sent a replacement if we made them aware.

    Verdict - we are very impressed and will definitely purchase from them next year, and will most probably get some more of those gorgeous LED lights to decorate the house. Well done, Pines and Needles

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