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  • besvo6

    04-Apr-2016 Report

    Graduating from the School Estienne in Paris and the European School of Visual Arts in Angoulême, specializing in film directing at La Poudrière, Emma has collaborated for the past six years with many artists and her paintings were showed in many galleries during joint exhibitions. Even though “Autumn for Beginners” is her third one-woman show, it's a seasoned artist that comes before you at The Artworks for an exceptional exhibition.
    You will be presented the creative results from the past 6 years of work, mixing personal paintings, drawings and illustrations from book projects («Autumn For Beginners» and «A Day Near Sofia»). It's a surrealistic and poetical guide through Emma's inner world and her way to interact with what surrounds her. It is a tale about leaves and it is a tale about life, an artistic attempt to call forth the child that remains in all of us so we can face the invincible and unintelligible nature of ageing.

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