Lower Dicker Garden Centre

Town wide

disabled access

Lower Dicker Garden Centre is on the outskirts of Hailsham about ten miles from Eastbourne. It started its early life as an independent 'Grow Your Own' and then became 'Victoria Nurseries' following on to 'Kennedy's' and eventually becoming 'Lower Dicker Garden Centre'.
It is situated in a semi-rural location with surrounding areas of interest such as Alfriston, Wilmington and Folkington tourist attractions. The centre is well-established and known for its atmosphere and long-serving staff.
A warm welcome and expert advice are on hand from our staff which contributes to a relaxed shopping experience. We all look forward to welcoming you to the centre soon.

Read more: http://www.thegardencentregroup.co.uk/garden-centres/Lower-Dicker-Garden-Centre/Q#ixzz2TI1MbNRq

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