Lothian HypnoBirthing


Experience birth the HypnoBirthing way - remain calm and in control for a beautiful, gentle birth.

HypnoBirthing™ is a complete birth education programme, which will prepare you for a relaxed, rewarding and safe birth experience, whatever path your birthing takes.

Through specific HypnoBirthing™ techniques, you will be able to let go any fears and past birth traumas and rediscover birth as the wonderful, family, social event it can be. You will be able to look forward to birthing your baby, as nature intended.

HypnoBirthing™ teaches you specific techniques of relaxation, breathing, visualisation and self-hypnosis, which you will use to reconnect with your body and enable it to birth safely and with ease.

There are many benefits of HypnoBirthing, e.g. fewer episiotomies and C-sections, less medication use in labour, shorter labour: see www.lothianhypnobirthing.co.uk

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