Facilities for hire Tottenhall School


At Tottenhall school facilities for hire, we also provide dance and drama facilities; with our unique dance studio, yoga and Pilates and even other mat based activities are perfect at Stark field's school facilities.

Facilities at Tottenhall School:
-Main hall (9x12M – dimensions)
-Dance studio
-With useful equipment like tables and chairs.

At Tottenhall school our facilities also provide for venues and even managements, we provide facilities such, party venue and even events venues. Our main hall is the perfect location for these venues, the large hall with hard flooring & a partition to the Dining hall, is the perfect suit for these venues. The equipment for the basic are tables and chairs, however at Tottenhall main hall for hire your venues can be as elaborate as you want. So weather it's a party venue or a special event, Tottenhall halls for hire is the perfect location for you.

-Suitable activities (venues and even special events
-Comes with basic equipment such as tables and chairs
-Can be as elaborate as you want, but with confirmation


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