NCT Antenatal Refresher Course Feb-Apr babies

Great Dunmow

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Looking for a local refresher antenatal course? With the NCT you can help to prepare yourself for the birth of another baby by attending a refresher antenatal courses in Stansted, starting 7th Jan for Feb-Apr babies.

Topics covered include:
• pregnancy highs and lows
• confidence this time round about birth and parenting more than one child; previous birth experiences - what would you do differently this time? what would you do the same? - including caesarean, VBAC etc
• coping strategies including pain relief
• physical skills - positions, breathing, relaxation

• sibling rivalry; changing relationships and support

• partner support in labour / decision making; massage and relaxation techniques

• postnatal scenarios - team parenting; 24 hours with a newborn - balancing life, work, rest, play with more than one child

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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