Baby and Toddler Reflexology


These workshops are for parents and their baby/toddler. Each parent will learn specially adapted Reflexology skills that have been developed by Baby Reflex TM.

There are three workshops designed to train parents in Reflexology techniques that will enable them to treat their own child. Each workshop concentrates on a specific theme: Sleeping and Calming, Feeding and Digestion and, on the third week, Well-being. The workshops are informal and lots of fun; toddlers love the hand-reflexology and babies respond well to the foot-reflexology. Baby and Toddler Reflexology is a great way to bond with your baby whilst calming and relaxing. Support your baby with feeding and digestion in the early months. Have a look at the feature article about Reflux at
Baby and Toddler Reflexology also supports well-being as your child grows and develops.

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