ALADDIN Pantomime


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It's a normal day in Old Peking, Widow Twanky is working hard in her laundry, Wishee-washee, her assistant, is working hard beside her and Aladdin, her son, is doing absolutely nothing as per usual, which is not surprising as he is, after all,THE LAZIEST BOY IN THE WORLD!

How fortunate,then,that his long lost Uncle, who nobody new existed,turns up with an offer to make Aladdin rich beyond his wildest dreams.So begins a journey if intrigue, curiosity,suspense and thrills ...oh,and buckets of laughs,oodles of songs,bundles of dances,great hefty dollops of nonsense and an ice cream van and.What is the secret of the Magic Lamp? Who is the mysterious Genie of the Ruby Ring? What are Hanky and Panky up to? Will the wicked Abanazer succeed in his evil plot or will his wife, Barbara, have the last word?

All will be revealed in in this exciting family panto.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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