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The Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour

Exeter outskirts

Winner of numerous Taste of the West awards, the Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour produces its own delicious ice-cream, using rich, creamy milk from its herd of Devonshire milking cows.

Choose from flavours such as Muddy Green Wellies, Crumbly Devon Fudge and the classics. Tuck into a family sundae, or slurp on a Ginger Beer Float or milkshake.

As well as all sorts of ice creams, you can also enjoy coffee and a selection of cakes.

The ice cream parlour seats about 60 and has a relaxed atmosphere for families, with plenty of space to potter around and park buggies, both inside and out.

If you fancy a play, there's a big red tractor, swing and slide near the entrance to the Ice Cream Parlour courtyard. Or across the road, for a small fee (membership or per day), you can explore the Summer Meadow with farm animals, sand pits, swings and lots of fantastic outdoor play equipment.

Term time:
Fri, Sat & Sun, 10am - 5pm

School holiday time:
7 days a week, 10am - 5pm

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  • clioann

    21-Apr-2016 Report

    There's nothing quite like ice cream to cheer everyone up at the end of the week, or as a special treat at the weekend. The Orange Elephant Ice Cream is particularly special - extra creamy - and with all sorts of fun flavours to try. Plus it's made on the farm - so much more wholesome than your average Mr Whippy!!

    My boys love to spend a couple of hours in the Summer Meadow, digging in the sand pits or scrambling about the climbing frames. We always say hello to the sheep and cows too. It's beautiful and tranquil.

    After a run around in the Summer Meadow we've earned a treat and make our way up to the Ice Cream Parlour. There's coffee too - pretty essential when you live with two toddlers.

    This is one of my favourite places to spend a Friday. Roll on the summer holidays when The Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour will be open every day!

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