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Forest School Birthday Parties

Exeter wide

Trust a mummy to come up with the best party for you and your child!

Whatever you wants to do and however you want to do it, we give it a twist and take it outside.

Join us in the woods for fun, frolics, mud and laughter. We even keep the adult entertained too. Please call to see what we have to offer.

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  • EmmaReallyWildForestSchool

    30-Apr-2013 Report

    From happy customers!

    "My girls really enjoyed the time they have spent at forest school. Emma is a perfect leader. Very kind and caring."

    "Really wild forest school is great fun especially in the summer but even when it pours down with rain it's enjoyable THX !"

    "Forest school is just fab and you are super super with the kids."

    "I havent managed to chat at forest school....you have lots of parents catching you at the end which is fab hey, its going so well and @~'# is loving being back in the swing of it, her and her little friends really do love Forest School with you, you star"

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