Oinkers Butcher & Farm Shop

Exeter outskirts

Oinkers was opened in June 1992. At this time there were few farm shops in existence. Originally we intended to sell primarily pork, but after consideration we decided to offer a full range of locally produced meat products.

Sausages and Burgers with a variety of flavours are made fresh on site by us.

BBQ food is always available.

Sides of pork can be ordered and cut to customer specifications.

Mixed freezer orders can be made up specifically to suit individual requirements.

If you require a DIY hog roast and want to keep costs to a minimum, we can supply you the pig, sausages & burgers and can arrange the hire of a hog roast machine.

A full range of cheeses, vegetables, eggs and condiments are also available.

We will always endeavour to supply high quality meat and produce, at competitive prices, hard to beat.

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