Relaxation in Pregnancy Antenatal Classes


Are you pregnant? Do you have questions, worries and fears about labour and birth? Overwhelmed by choices and not sure where to find information? Look no further! My name is Victoria. I am a qualified midwife, Mum to four young children and a KG Hypnobirthing teacher.

What are the Classes?
A chance to relax, breathe and focus on you and your baby. The classes will give you a taste of Hypnobirthing by using a different script every week from my KG Hypnobirthing syllabus. We then follow with group discussion, led by myself, around any and all aspects of pregnancy, labour and birth. My aim is to give you as much knowledge and information as I can to allow you to make informed decisions, as well as giving you practical information and advice.

"I'm enjoying the classes so much I've booked another block. I was worried initially that starting classes at 16 weeks was too early but to be honest I'm glad I get to experience Victoria's classes for longer!”

“Can't recommend these classes enough. Go on, treat yourself!”

“Great class, with Victoria providing really fair & balanced advice. Would highly recommend!”

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