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I am a mum of one from Dunfermline. I started using cloth nappies from day one on the birth of my daughter because I didn't like the thought of plastic and chemicals against her skin as well as the many environmental benefits. When I was pregnant, I did lots of research online. But, the more I delved into it, the more confused I became and I am well aware how overwelming it can be!

Owed to the advice I received from a cloth nappy advisor, I was able to choose nappies suitable for my family's needs and lifestyle.
I have plenty of advice to share, both from my own experiences and friends and will provide you with good honest advice. I want to spread the word on cloth nappies and dispell the myth that they are time consuming and difficult to use. I am passionate about promoting the use and benefits of cloth nappies.

To book a nappy demo, or to make a purchase call or email me.

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