Spriggs Therapies - Baby/Toddler Reflexology


Baby and Toddler Reflex is specially adapted reflexology techniques practiced on the feet for babies, and the hands or feet for toddlers whom are on their feet.

It is safe to use on babies from 4 weeks old to pre-schoolers and is a non-invasive treatment, undertaken whilst fully clothed, which means it can be used anywhere, even when out and about.

What are its Benefits?

*Eases colic
*teething pain
*aids digestion
*builds up the immune system
*calms your baby or toddler and helps them sleep.
*bonding between mother'father and baby/toddler

As a parent, you will be shown how to use the techniques through 3 once a week workshop for baby reflex and 2 for Toddlers, or on a one-to-one if you prefer. Each week concentrates on a different area, for example feeding and digestion.

You will be given handouts to take home with you and charts so you can easily remember the techniques

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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