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East Glos

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We are an award winning family run Independant eye-care practice who have specialised in children's vision, having seen 20,000 children since we set up in 1989.
Vision is the key sense in learning to read, and in education as a whole.If there are even small, subtle difficulties with a child's visual system, they are unlikely to thrive in a classroom. They are unlikely to complain, as that's how they always see the world, but may be easily distracted, be seen rubbing their eyes, and make errors copying from the board.
ALL children should have regular eye-exams, and we offer these through the NHS too, but a child who performs much better verbally than when reading or writing, probably need a longer, more in-depth visual assessment. Phone for an info pack.
Contact lenses have been shown to be as safe for kids &teens as for adults. We fit children from age 6 or 7 when suitable,call for info

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